google secrets revealed

The Things that Google knows about you.

Prompted by some Customers questions and concerns about, Google privacy issues, here’s a short list of what Google knows about you:

  1. The web pages you visit: (AdSense & Doubleclick, Chrome)
  2. The pages you like: (+1)
  3. The blogs, newsletters and news sources you read: (Google Reader)
  4. Your banking information: (AdSense, Google Checkout)
  5. The popularity of your website, blog: (Google Analytics)
  6. Who and what you’re emailing: (Gmail)
  7. Your thoughts, passions, political affiliations, attitudes: (Blogger, Feedburner)
  8. Everything on your PC: (Google Desktop)
  9. Your documents, spreadsheet contents: (Google Docs and Spreadsheets)
  10. Your schedule: (Google Calendar)
  11. Your social network and interests: (Google+, Orkut, Facebook, Twitter, Digg etc.)
  12. The social competitions you have entered: (Wildfire)
  13. Where you and your friends are: (Google Latitude, Google Mobile, Google Mobile Maps)
  14. What you’re watching on YouTube: (YouTube)
  15. Your problems, interests: (Google Answers, Search)
  16. Your medical record: (Google Health)
  17. Your home address, what your house looks like: (Google Maps, Streetview, AdSense, Checkout)
  18. Your mobile number: (Google Mobile, Gmail, Google+)
  19. The sound of your voice: (Google Talk, Hangouts)
  20. What you, your friends and family look like: (Picasa, Google+)
  21. Your purchases, considerations: (Google Search)
  22. What your business is about: (AdWords Keywords)
  23. Your travel, past and planned: (Google Places, Google Flights)
  24. What matters to you: (Google Alerts)
  25. Your dining interests: (Zagat)

And that’s even before they start building intelligent and automated models that mix and match the data, correlate your information and left traces with other people’s data, and come to conclusions about the likelihood that you will behave in certain ways in response to specific circumstances. Oh, and they will provide your complete profile to anyone in law enforcement for around $25. -Delete cookies. Big Brother IS Watching.


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