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Reputation Monitoring

In today’s high-tech world businesses live and die by the internet. With social media powering the likes of businesses across the world, the internet can be a business’s best friend. But on the flip side of things, it can also significantly hurt business. All it takes is for one bad blog post, bad forum post, or some negative social media and your business could be losing thousands of dollars in sales. As a result of such, reputation monitoring has become a widely adopted practice to assist businesses with protecting their reputation by catching negative remarks when they happen. We are excited to be able to offer reputation monitoring services to help our clients do the same. Don’t let your business fall victim to slander, negative comments, or other trash that might be detrimental to your sales. In some cases, we have tracked internet negativity towards a particular business back to that business’s competitor, which is grounds for legal action. But more often than not, if you discover some negativity concerning your business it can typically be removed or buried deeper within the search engine’s search results so that it’s less likely to be found. There are even companies which provide reputation management services that can further assist you with cleaning your online reputation in the event that we discover any negativity through our internal reputation monitoring service.

All of our reputation monitoring services cover a one month duration. The primary difference between each package is how often you will receive a report, how many keywords you would like for us to monitor, and how deep in the search results you want us to go. Our reporting cycles are daily, weekly, and monthly. Our daily reporting cycle is by far the best solution as you will be informed of any negativity for your specified criteria the same day we discover it, thus enabling you to react fast and accordingly to have it cleaned up. Feel free to take a look below at our various reputation monitoring packages.

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