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Press releases are older than the internet itself, with the first ever being released in 1906. Today, with the advent of the internet, press releases have taken on a whole new role and are considered the most important course of action any business can take towards spreading the word about new start-ups, new products, exciting changes, or practically anything that one would want to share with the world. The advantage to using press releases is that you only need to be concerned with getting your press release to PR companies since they typically cover many media outlets and will distribute your press release accordingly under their massive media umbrella. There are literally thousands of PR companies but we focus only on the top PR companies having the largest PR networks so that you get maximum reach and visibility.

While you could take up the challenge of writing your own press release and then submit it to PR companies yourself, we recommend leaving the task to professionals. One of the worst things you could possibly do for your business is release a poorly written press release. In fact, if your press release doesn’t meet specific press release formatting guidelines it is likely to be declined by most reputable PR companies. We have extensive experience with writing and distributing press releases. If you’re serious about getting the word out there about your company, product,  or new start-up then let us take your press release campaign to the highest level with our preferred press release services. Please browse below at our various press release packages.