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Local Business Listing

Do you own or operate a local brick and mortar business? Are you struggling to generate leads and sales online? Look no further! Our local business listing service is geared to provide your business with maximum local exposure through the use of local business listings. We can list your business in up to 300 different local business directories. The benefit of local business directories is that they rank higher for local keyword search terms that are specific to your business and your area. This is super powerful! Roughly 90% of all local business is generated from local search terms and our local business listing service will enable your business to leverage those local search terms to funnel traffic through your door. Your local business profile will include various data regarding your business, such as your location, industry, a brief description, contact email address, and much more. It’s the perfect way to reach out to your local community and spread the word about your business. We provide a detailed report with each submission and you may be required to answer phone calls or emails in order to get listed in certain directories. When compared to the cost of listing your business with the Yellowpages, you are literally saving thousands of dollars. Please look below for our various local business listing services.