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Are you trying to build an authority site? Do you want your website to be top dog of your industryt? If so, then forum marketing is the way to get there. Forum posts include backlinks to your website, which in turn increases your website’s page rank. But that’s not all Forum posts do. Aside from driving traffic to your website from people reading over the forum posts and clicking on your signature backlink, search engines such as Google give considerable weight towards form post signatures, specifically the number of posts and the content for which those posts relate. Having a significant number of forum posts within a specific industry, category, or niche market can greatly influence not only your page rank but what you rank for. For this reason, Forum posting is an excellent internet marketing strategy to dominate specific markets. All of our forum posts include a unique signature that is specific to your business, which includes a backlink to your website. In addition to such, we use generic accounts to ensure that your own personal or business email account isn’t bombarded with unnecessary forum messages. The primary goal of forum marketing is to get as many posts as you can with quality signatures that point back to your website. Please take a look below at our various forum posting packages. We can post anywhere from 250 to 2,500 forum posts.