Fan Pages VS Facebook Groups!

Nowadays every business should create some sort of decent Social media presence and Facebook out of any doubt is the place to go. That’s why I decided to write about this important Facebook related subject today.

Big majority of businesses use Fan Pages to represent their company on Facebook. In a few cases, however, creating a Facebook Group instead (or in addition) could be a smart move. The key distinction between Groups and Pages is that a Group is for a community of people with a common interest, while a Page represents a brand or business interacting with their customers or prospects identified as “fans.” Here are some of the KEY differences in functionality:

  • Please comment, what would suit your business or customers current strategy? Which one do your prefer use?
  • What is your current Facebook strategy if any?
  • Do you own a health Fan Page on Facebook, what did you do?
  • What do you prefer, Groups or Pages?

Awaiting for your ideas and comments! :)

Dave | Traffic Hero Founder

Facebook Groups

Facebook Pages

Overview Community of people with a common interest Represents a brand or entity of which there are “fans”
Messaging Members/Fans Message – emails members and sends to Facebook Inbox Update – shows up under Requests on user‟s homepage and sends to Facebook Inbox
Visibility on Profiles Shows up on members‟ profiles as a small text link Shows up on fans‟ profiles with an image and text link
Visibility in Public Search Groups are publicly indexed and searchable (single page only) Pages are publicly indexed and searchable (each Page‟s tab)Pages may show up in fans‟ public search listings
Distribution in News Feed When members join or engage with the group, action is distributed in News Feeds When users become a fan or engage with the Page, action is distributed in News FeedsUpdates / content shared by the page
Administrator Visibility Group admins listed on GroupWhen Group admins engage with the Group (send a message, respond to a discussion thread), it comes from the admin‟s personal Profile Admins are the behind-the-scenes managers of the PageWhen Page admins engage with the group (send an update, post content), it comes from the Page (business) – unless changed in settings
Applications Available Basic applications including Events, Discussions, Wall, Links, Photos, Videos Almost all applications (tens of thousands)

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