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Backlinks are the most crucial search engine optimization component in existence. We don’t know much about Google’s top-secret search algorithm but one thing that we do know is that a very significant portion of their algorithm is based on backlinks. Google essentially see’s backlinks as popularity votes for your website. The more you have, the more popular your website must be. It also takes into account the content from the pages from which those backlinks originate. It looks at how related the content is to your website and even looks at the anchor text. There are many different kinds of backlinks that you can make use of to further increase your website’s ranking. One of the key factors that you need to be aware of when building your backlinks to your website is the page rank of the web page from where the backlink originates. Backlinks that originate from pages with high page rank tend to give you what is referred to as link juice. What this means is that a small percentage of the backlink’s originating web page page rank leaks off onto your website, thus increasing your page rank.

The backlink services that we offer make use of a variety of different backlink strategies, including link wheels and link pyramids. But it’s important to point out that we don’t only use high PR backlinks (high page rank) because creating a large number of high page rank backlinks without having any low page rank backlinks looks artificial and can actually get your website penalized by Google. So we mix it up with both high PR and low PR backlinks with each of our backlink packages to ensure that your website benefits from our services without raising any red flags. Please feel to click on any of the various backlink services below to learn more about that particular backlink strategy.