Google continue to shake and hit the online world with their corrections and moves. The question is: Is Google affecting your Business income or growth?

Let’s not forget that Google is holding accord to some experts way too much power in their hands over mankind itself and a lot of key markets and industries all over the world. Sadly a lot of people agree that there is enough evidence that shows that most of big G actions are now motivated more by their own economical interests apparently than their search engine users benefit..

Their drastic actions with all those algorithm updates have also led a lot of honest Companies and businesses that hired or outsourced their ranking or SEO needs to well reputable Internet marketing companies in the previous months to suddenly sink or dissappear from Google results overnight, this way harming thousand upon thousand of businesses creating serious financial loss to a lot of people worldwide. When in the past I ask, has a private company held so much power over people lives and their consumer actions?

I can see in the future a lot of middle sized businesses quietly walking aside from Google and focusing more into Social activities and avoiding the giant. more and more. I guess they will be there forever but their actions are affecting millions now and with their policies I guess more and more people will be affected as well in the future too, it is a matter of time I guess, or ask yourself? Are not you at least a  little afraid of Google future actions or algorithm cahgnes now..? Who is not I wonder..

Relaying on a single company (Google) for your traffic is not a good move I would say. I’d rather focus on several strategies, like creating an active and productive audience on Twitter or Facebook and let’s not forget LinkedIn and targeted niche or industry web Forums, all those are certainly great sources of traffic and business connections.


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